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The town’s popularity has yet to negatively impact its nearly picture-perfect setting in a mountain valley. There’s heaps of quiet accommodation outside the main drag, a host of natural, lazy activities to keep visitors entertained, a vibrant art and music scene, and the town’s Shan roots can still be seen in its temples, quiet back streets and fun afternoon market. Although this is definitely a stretch, in recent years the small town has started to resemble something of a Thai island getaway – without the beaches.

Attractive Places

Historical bridge over the Pai river
The Memorial Bridge over Pai River has become one of many fascinating tourist attractions of Pai. The Memorial Bridge was made of iron and was built in 1942 by the Japanese to transport weapons and provisions to Myanmar (Burma) during World War II. It is located at kilometre marker 88 on highway 1095, Mae Malai-Pai Road.
Wat Phra That Mae Yen
Phra That Mae Yen is a landmark for air passengers that they already enter Amphoe Pai. This temple has stood in Amphoe Pai for a long time. To illustrate, driving is a comfortable way, or climbing up the Naga staircase is also an interesting way of exercise.
Wat Phra That Mae Yen has a peaceful, serene atmosphere, suitable for admiring a vast panoramic view of Amphoe Pai. The perfect time to appreciate the scenery is during the dawn, and the sunset. There has been no evidences on when Phra that was built. Within the temple area, there are only Phra Ubosot, and a 3-meter-high white bell-shaped chedi, with a round pedestal, and the outstanding umbrella-shaped top in Burmese style. Tourists usually come up to see the view, and worship the Reclining Buddha image before their back trips.

Tha Pai hot spring
The Tha Pai Hot Spring is located in the area of Huai Nam Dang National Park in Pai. It has an average temperature of 80C. Steam from the spring permeates the site in the morning, creating fascinating sights. The springs offer a number of bathtubs for visitors to bathe in, and it is also possible to bathe in the stream that runs through the site. The water from these springs is said to have strong therapeutic value. The area is also rich in teak wood and is suitable for overnight camping
Walking Street in Pai
The Walking Street Market in Pai is located on Rungsiyanon Road. It is another shopper’s paradise offering a wide range of souvenirs, unique handicrafts, lacquerware and hand-made clothes direct from highland villages and authentic street food. You can also find a big selection of postcards and following in the footsteps of a popular Thai movie, writing and sending a post card from Pai is one of the 'must do's' in Pai especially amongst Pai's Thai visitors.